One of the primary benefits of ionized alkaline water is its antioxidant properties. Although scientific research is still underway, it is generally acknowledged that ionized water is a powerful and effective antioxidant. This is why alkaline ionized water is also called antioxidant water. An antioxidant is simply a substance which is able to counter the damaging – though normal – process of oxidation in body cells. Put in simple terms, oxidation is a process through which a substance changes as a result of its interaction with oxygen. When left unchecked, these processes can have disastrous effects, hence the need for antioxidants. And the most reliable and natural source of these is alkaline ionized water. Our bodies normally take in antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains. However, alkaline ionized water contains antioxidants which are much easier for the body to absorb than those contained in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help in preventing damage to body cells and repairing the already damaged ones. On the outside, this may be manifest as a healthier and younger looking skin.

Improved hydration is another one of the benefits of alkaline water. This will not only ensure efficient regulation of body temperature, but will also enhance metabolism. A well hydrated body will ensure prompt delivery of vitamins and nutrients to body cells, tissues and organs and also facilitate quick removal of body waste.

Having seen the importance of ionized alkaline water as a powerful antioxidant, you may wonder how you could also benefit from this water right at your home. A water ionizer is a small device that may be hooked to your ordinary kitchen tap to produce both alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water. There are so many brands in the market today, giving you the freedom to choose. Choose carefully. Your choice should be informed by a number of factors. For example, ease in setup, after sales support by the manufacturer, cost, and product specifications. With these considerations, you will surely get one that suits your needs. Drink alkaline ionized water and get healthier.

A water ionizer machine is a small device that may be hooked to your ordinary kitchen tap to produce both alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water.  Alkaline ionized water is known to be great for decelerating the aging process, helping and keeping the body well hydrated, and for its antioxidant properties. Alkaline ionized water is also a good detoxifier. It is known to be able to neutralize excess acids and keep the body at alkaline levels while enhancing the removal of waste and other toxins from the body system. These are some of the reasons to invest in alkaline water machines.

This undeniably great need for ionized water has resulted in good business for the many alkaline water machine manufactures. In fact, so many of these have already flooded the market making it quite difficult for the consumer to make that all important choice.

As mentioned above, water ionizers may come in many different brand names. But they are just that: water ionizers. It is up to you to make specific considerations to suit your needs before you settle on any particular brand. Your decision to get a particular brand should be informed by a number of factors. Most important, before you get your alkaline ionized water machine, you will need to understand your own needs for ionized water. You may then proceed to consider other factors. For example, where do you want to install your machine? How easily can you set up the machine? Is it possible to obtain help from the manufacturer’s technicians when needed? Besides these you will want to consider such other things as cost, product specifications and value.

In recent times, many brands have come up. But among the most popular water ionizer brands have been Tyent USA, IonQuench, Life Ionizers, Chanson and Jupiter.

In recap, the search for a perfect alkaline water ionizer could be agonizing, especially in terms of cost. However, the truth is the perfect ionizer is the one that suits your needs. Drink  ionized alkaline water and stay healthy.

Depending on certain circumstances and environmental situations, water molecules can assume certain shapes. This is generally referred to as structured water. An important example of structured water is hexagonal water.

What is hexagonal water? The name “hexagonal” comes from the word “hexagon”. The word hexagon comes from the Greek word, “hex” which means six. In other words, a hexagon is a shape with six sides, which may be equal – for a regular hexagon – or unequal for an irregular hexagon. Water may sometimes take the shape of a regular hexagon. This is what is known as hexagonal water.  Hexagonal water is made up of six water molecules that are bonded together by common hydrogen bonds. Such occurs naturally in spring water for example. Ordinary tap water has a very low rate  of hexagonal molecules.

Having seen what hexagonal water is, you may wonder, “what is it with hexagonal water?” Hexagonal water has smaller sized molecules making it able to move within living organisms much more easily. This enables enhanced nutrient absorption and removal of waste and other toxins.

Hexagonal water is also said to activate enzymes much more than ordinary drinking water. This in turn enhances metabolic efficiency. Due to this enhanced metabolic efficiency, hexagonal water can be a lot more highly energetic than ordinary water.

It is generally acknowledged that drinking hexagonal water has many health benefits. So how can you make this water at home? There is a number of appliances on the market today that you could safely use to make hexagonal water. One of the most popular brands is the Vitalizer Plus. This is a small device, almost the size of a blender, able to change ordinary drinking water into hexagonally structured water, not only able to quench your natural thirst, but bring you its numerous health benefits as well. In a nutshell, hexagonal water’s core benefits include enhanced metabolic efficiency, enhanced waste and toxins removal from body cells, hydrating the body cells and improved immunity.

Drinking water is a normal day-to-day activity that sometimes goes unnoticed. Drinking quality water such as structured hexagonal water should be a practise worth embracing. The rewards are immeasurable.  

Ionized water is the one which has been passed through a process known as ionization to remove impurities from it and make it antioxidant water. Electrolysis is a process in which water is passed through a chamber in which two rods, one negative and one positive, are placed vertically. Once it is done, it becomes enhanced water with better advantages than normal water. We have several methods to convert ionized water into alkaline ionized water like using a distiller, mixing alkaline elements into water or using a home water ionizer.

How Alkaline Ionized Water is Beneficial?

Drinking alkaline ionized water has uncountable benefits. It assists the ability of our body to enhance the process of carrying oxygen and also helps in normalizing blood pressure by neutralizing the free radicals. The molecules of alkaline ionized water are relatively smaller than that of normal water, having possessed the ability of passing through our tissues more conveniently. Some people raise the issue that drinking alkaline ionized water increases the alkalinity of our stomach. But it has been proved by the researches that the alkalinity of water we drink is balanced by the natural acids e.g. Gastric Acid present in the stomach. It also improves the taste of the food and it is not harmful in any way because it has already passed through filtration.

An Extra Electron

Drinking alkaline ionized water also has another great advantage that we get from the consumption of vitamins. It has capability of infusing oxygen with an extra electron. This extra electron has the capability of preventing the free radicals present in the body from making the body more receptive to different diseases like cold, flu and influenza etc. Extra electron also helps our body from getting aged too early because it provides energy in greater amount than the normal water that helps the individual to work more efficiently throughout the day. Drinking alkaline water instead of normal water also helps our body to keep it pH level to a normal level. It helps body in producing more nutrients than before by preventing it from diseases and providing healthy and powerful advantages.
While surfing on the internet, you will often see companies talking about benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. Before you even look at the benefits, you must know what type of water we are talking about when referring to alkaline drinking water. From the name, it is obvious that this water is alkaline in nature. However, you need to know how this water is made and how is it different from the normal water that you drink in your routine life.

Formation of Ionized Water

Going back into the school days, you must have studied that normal water has a pH value of seven, which makes it neutral in nature and safe for drinking. However, through electrolysis, the pH value of same water can be taken to eight. If you are drinking such water that has gone through electrolysis with a pH value of eight, you are drinking alkaline ionized water. At the moment, we will not go into the details of electrolysis and the need of ionized water in the water but we will talk about the benefits that can be obtained from drinking alkaline ionized water.

Advantages of Ionized Water

The first benefit of drinking alkaline ionized water is that it reduces the amount of acid present in the body. It can prove to be a perfect anti-oxidant agent that reduces the aging factor in your body by neutralizing the negative ions present in your body. Absorption of nutrients is another benefit of ionized water. Resisting the movement of free radicals in your body, alkaline water will decrease the chances of cancer in your body. We will not guarantee that this water will taste better to you because taste is a personal matter but we will not hold back from telling that more people love its improved taste than regular water. If you do not take ample intake of water on a daily basis, you will feel more thirst, fatigue, giddiness and severe headaches. With improved taste of this water, you will surely drink more water. This will be very benefit for you and your family if anyone from the family complains about regular headaches and dry throat.